These time-lapse recordings and still images show the behaviors of NEM/forerunner cells from the late blastula period to the end of gastrulation.

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 NEM/forerunner cell position through epiboly:

This embryo was followed from 40% epiboly to 95% epiboly.

  Protrusive activity of NEM/forerunner cells

and other marginal deep cells during early gastrulation.

NEM/forerunner cells from 40-60% epiboly:

Oblique view of an embryo labeled with SYTO-11. 

 Forerunner cells during mid-gastrulation

(65-80% epiboly): Embryo is double labeled with SYTO-11 and BODIPY 564/591.

Forerunner cells during late-gastrulation (90-100% epiboly): Converging germ ring begins to overlap

the forerunner cell cluster (labeled with SYTO-11).

 Forerunner cells at the end of gastrulation:

BODIPY 505/515 labeled embryo.