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Training Module: Accurately Weighing and Measuring: Technique

Measuring Child and Adolescent Stature
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7. Measuring Child and Adolescent Stature: Procedures

The child or adolescent should stand on the footplate of the stadiometer without shoes. The individual is positioned with heels close together, legs straight, arms at sides, shoulders relaxed. Ask the child to inhale deeply and to stand fully erect without altering the position of the heels. Make sure that the heels do not rise off the foot plate.

Make sure the child's head is in the Frankfort plane.  

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Lower the perpendicular headpiece snugly to the crown of the head with sufficient pressure to compress the hair. Hair ornaments, buns, braids, etc. must be removed to obtain an accurate measurement.

To ensure an accurate reading, the measurer’s eyes should be parallel with the headpiece.

Child's height being measured   Check

Child or adolescent stands against stadiometer without shoes, with heels together, legs straight, arms at sides, shoulders relaxed
  Check Child looks straight ahead
  Check Bring the perpendicular headpiece down to touch the crown of the head
  Check Measurer’s eyes are parallel with the headpiece

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