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Training Module: Developing & Rating Your Measurement Technique

Quality Assurance
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5. Quality Assurance

The main points of measurer quality assurance are straightforward.

First, set a date (e.g. the first Wednesday for six months or the first Wednesday of the odd numbered months). The schedule chosen depends on the number of children measured each week or month and the results of initial measurer training.

Second, calibrate all of the measuring equipment with standard weights and length rods.

Third, have the Measurement Team measure the same 2-3 children.

Fourth, record the measurements on the Data Sheet  

Download printable Data Recording Form

Fifth, compare measurements for all of the children for all of the measurers.

The data collected that reflects attention to precision and accuracy of measurements by trained measurers would be very good documentation for a JCAHO review.

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     Protocol for training measurers and determining intra- and inter-measurer accuracy:
  Check All measurers measure same 2-3 children
  Check Record data
  Check Compare data

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