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I have a beautiful clematis in full bloom right now. Do I need to dead head the spent blooms to make it bloom again? It is Clematis Candida.


In researching this question, I used Raymond Evison's excellent 1998 book, The Gardener's Guide to Growing Clematis. Your Clematis lanuginosa 'Candida' is considered a mid-season, large-flowered type, and it often reblooms, according to Evison. In the chapter on cultivation, he says, "Some clematis growers prefer to remove spent flowerheads to encourage further crops of flowers, especially with the early large-flowered single, double, and semi-double clematis. Certainly, if the old flowers are removed with a length of stem with 2-3 nodes, new growth will appear and a further crop of flowers will be produced. When this is done, it is important to keep the clematis well watered and fed. The only drawback...is that the attractive seedheads on this group of clematis will be lost. A compromise can be achieved by removing only 50 per cent of the spent flowerheads..."

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