Guidelines for the grant application

Grants are only for studying aboriginal languages and cultures of the Americas.
There are three categories of grants, with funding limits tied to the US dollar ($3,000, $6,000, and $9,000 USD).
Allowed expenses include consultants, research assistants, travel, accommodation, equipment.
Disallowed expenses include researcher salaries, tuition, per diems, food, institutional overhead, administration.
The application deadline is February 15, after which projects are approved or rejected, usually by May 1.
For further information, see our guidelines.

Please use our application form to apply to the JRF.

NOTE: After submitting your file for upload on the next page, you will get a message in plain text toward the bottom half page saying "Upload Successful".

Checklist for JRF projects

Apply by Feb 15.
Following notification of successful proposal (around May 1), receive and return deed confirming acceptance of award.
Receive check, carry out project.
After conclusion of project:
Archive materials with UW library.
Submit final report to JRF.