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Working in Implementation SciencE (WISE)
The Working in Implementation SciencE peer mentoring group includes faculty, staff, fellows, and trainees with an interest in implementation science. The group meets twice each month, focusing on members’ work in progress including grant proposals, manuscripts, and presentations.
Contact Pamela Kohler Pamela Kohler
Junior Investigator Group (JIG)
Monthly meetings to provide mentoring to early- and mid-stage investigators in behavioral science and HIV.
Please contact Jane Simoni for more information. Jane Simoni
CFAR eHealth Scientific Working Group
While significant gains have been made in diagnosis, linkage to care, and antiretroviral treatment, much work remains to be done in the scale-up of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and to achieve 90-90-90 targets for people living with HIV. Electronic health (eHealth), mobile health (mHealth), and related digital technologies (“eHealth”) have the potential to facilitate these goals by increasing accessibility, scale, and productivity of HIV prevention and care. The eHealth Scientific Working Group (SWG) will promote multidisciplinary collaborations and provide coordination between CFAR investigators currently working independently in these areas.
Joanne Stekler
Stigma Working Group
The Stigma Working Group is a group of CAB members interested in addressing HIV/AIDS stigmas and related stigmas that people affected by HIV/AIDS experience. The Stigma Working Group aims to understand the causes of HIV/AIDS-related stigma with the goal of reducing stigma among gay, bi, and other MSM populations.
For more information, email
TRTC Mock Grant Reviews
Grants remain the cornerstone of academic research but are very competitive to procure. This is especially true for junior investigators, who face additional obstacles, including a shorter track record of productivity, less experience writing grants, and variable involvement from mentors. In order to increase the success rates among junior investigators in our TB community who are applying for grants, we are offering a Mock Study Section.
Applications must be submitted to Ksenia Koon according to the timeline provided on the Mock Study Section webpage. These will be reviewed and oral feedback will be provided in a two-hour open meeting approximately four weeks before standard NIH deadlines.  Ksenia Koon (  or Chetan Seshadri (

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