Overall, the Krishnan group works at the Bio-Nano-Medical and Magneto-Electronic interfaces. We prepare and study structural, magnetic, optical and transport properties of colloidal inorganic nanostructures, hybrid materials, thin films and lithographically patterned heterostructures. We investigate fundamental physical and chemical properties of these materials as a function of size, dimensionality and organization, and for the work on biomedical nanomagnetics, in vitro and in vivo studies of cytotoxicity, cell-culture and animal models with translational applications in angiography, cancer, neuroscience and renal ischemia. All of our work is vertically integrated from the underlying science to their biomedical (diagnostics, imaging and therapeutics), energy (photovoltaics and energy conversion) and engineering (information storage, processing and logic) applications.

The figure above shows our core-strengths, fundamental questions that motivate us, applications that bring us to the lab everyday and our efforts to go beyond academics to make societal impact.

To learn more about each area of our research, please explore the links below:

     1. New Materials
     2. Biomedical Nanomagnetics
     3. Magnetism & Magnetoelectronics
     4. Nanofabrication & Characterization
     5. Nano-enabled Energy

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