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The Soil Liquefaction web site was developed to provide general information for interested lay persons, and more detailed information for engineers. Visitors who are not familiar with soil liquefaction can find answer to typical questions below.

What is soil liquefaction?
When has soil liquefaction occurred in the past?
Where does soil liquefaction commonly occur?
Why does soil liquefaction occur?
How can soil liquefaction hazards be reduced?
Research  - links to sites on soil liquefaction research.
Links to sites with earthquake and soil liquefaction information.
Content  - an overview of the soil liquefaction web site.

The site is organized so that visitors can navigate by viewing the answers to each of these questions. Clicking on the blue dots will provide answers at a level that does not require a background in engineering. More detailed information, presented at a level that does require an engineering background, can be obtained by following the links labeled "More" at the end of each section. Most of the photos on the site can be viewed in a larger version by clicking on the photos.
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