M.A.P.L.E. Lab

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Welcome to the Modeling, Analysis and Process control Laboratory for Electrochemical systems

Dr. Subramanian is the Washington Research Foundation Innovation Professor of Chemical Engineering & Clean Energy,
Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Univeristy of Washington, Seattle, and the principal investigator of M.A.P.L.E Lab. In this web portal, you will find information regarding current research projects, group members, publications, contact information, etc. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact Dr. Subramanian.


Update 09/30/2017


Dr. Subramanian is exploring different options for commercializing his ARPA AMPED funded technology for model-based Battery Mangement System (BMS). Dr. Subramanian has the fastest code reported in the literature for simulating the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Our group has demonstrated the ability to simulate and control lithium-ion batteries using reformulated physics-based models in a $2 microcontroller.





The overall goal of our research program is to model, analyze, and design cost-effective and energy-efficient electrochemical systems, especially devices such as batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, and sensors. Our proposed research is guided by the belief that detailed and efficient modeling of electrochemical reactions occurring at the electrode-electrolyte interface is essential for designing high power, maintenance-free sustainable alternative power sources for the future. Current research interests are classified and summarized here.

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