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Models & Codes

Welcome to the models and codes page of our group. We are interested in understanding electrochemical systems through mathematical modeling and simulation (Venkat Subramanian's interest dates back to his undergraduate days when he worked on boundary element method for cathodic protection with Dr. Bosco Emmanuel).

In this page, you will find source codes (in Maple™/MATLAB®/FORTRAN) developed by our group for various models published by us and other researchers in the field of electrochemical engineering. The source codes are posted as a pdf document. Original source codes in the native platforms can be obtained by contacting Dr. Venkat Subramanian.

These codes developed were/are supported in part by the NSF projects (CTS 0609914, CBET-0828002, CBET-0828123, and CBET-1008692) and the US Government.

This page will be updated frequently with contributions from students and alumni of our group.


An Open Access Code to help you Estimate Transport and Kinetic Parameters of Vanadium Redox Batch Cell Systems [Posted on 9-April-2019]

A free code to help to interprete the EIS Data [Posted on 3-May-2018]

A Free Program for Better Electrode Design [Posted on 25-October-2017]

Does your solver fail for battery models? [Posted on 13-August-2015]

Core-Shell Composite Materials [Posted on 23-February-2015]

GUI for Battery Optimization [Posted on 10-June-2014]

Control Stress in Materials [Posted on 10-December-2013]

Solution of PDEs using false transient method of lines [Posted on 25-March-2013]

Electrical Double Layer Capacitor Model (EDLC) [Posted on 22-August-2012]

Semianalytical method of lines [Posted on 21-November-2011]

Isothermal, one-dimensional, steady-state model for a complete polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) [Posted on 20-July-2011].

List of models planned in the next few months include: