Guest Speakers include:

Bob Willard, author of "The Sustainability Advantage" and a 34-year leader at IBM.

Professor Andy Hoffman, Boston University School of Management, author of "Organizations, Policy and the Natural Environment" and "From Heresy to Dogma".

Meghan Chappel, World Resources Institute.
Meghan Chapple is the Manager for Business Education in the Sustainable Enterprise Program at the World Resources Institute. She manages the Beyond Grey Pinstripes report as well as other projects within the business education portfolio. She has experience in corporate social responsibility from her work with The Albright Group, Ford Motor Company, and Dow on climate change, human rights, and emerging markets, respectively. The Beyond Grey Pinstripes report is a project of BELL (Business Education Learning and Leadership), a program of the World Resources Institute that provides business schools with the tools to educate future managers on how to handle complex social issues and provide stewardship of natural resources.



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