The MEDEX application is now open for the 2015/2016 cycle! All MEDEX applicants must submit a completed CASPA application on or before the final application deadline of October 1st to be considered for a seat in our classes beginning in 2016.

Supplemental Application Deadline Update!!
The final deadline for submitting the MEDEX Supplemental Application is now October 15, 2015. Fill out the supplemental application and submit it to us on or before this extended deadline. We must see that this application is submitted by October 15th before we will review your entire application packet.

Please Note: This deadline extension applies only to the MEDEX Supplemental Application. The CASPA application deadline remains October 1, 2015.

MEDEX will have four (4) training sites for the 2016 entering class. Each site is influenced by its location in Washington or Alaska. In 2013, the Spokane training site became a hybrid site offering both the master’s and bachelor’s degree options. This site option is listed on both the master’s and bachelor’s degree supplemental applications; applicants must be sure they are applying to the correct degree option when selecting Spokane as a first site choice.

Please review the Degrees Offered as well as the Prerequisite pages, and determine whether you meet the academic prerequisites for the degree option at your selected site.

Take the time to explore the site descriptions and the local resources. In addition to degree and prerequisite considerations, select a site based on personal preference and other influential factors affecting the site choice decision.

Applicants must apply only to either the master’s or bachelor’s degree options, and cannot apply to both. Once accepted into a degree program, students will not be allowed to transfer from one degree option to the other.

Complete the CASPA application.  Complete the appropriate supplemental application based on the degree option available and location choice.