The 2019/2020 application cycle is now open! The application deadline for the 2019/2020 application cycle is September 1st, 2019. The CASPA and MEDEX supplemental applications must both be submitted before September 1st, 2019 to meet the application deadline.

Please note: the degree options have changed in Tacoma and Anchorage. Beginning in the 2018/19 application cycle, MEDEX is no longer accepting applications to the BCHS program. All applicants are encouraged to review these changes on the MEDEX website before submitting their applications.

MEDEX will have five (5) campus locations for the 2020 entering class. Each campus is influenced by its location in Washington or Alaska. MEDEX is no longer accepting applications to the bachelor’s degree option. All applicants must be eligible to apply to the master’s degree option to qualify to apply to MEDEX in the 2019/20 application cycle.

Please review the Prerequisite pages to determine whether you meet the academic prerequisites for MEDEX.

Additionally, please review the Competitive MEDEX Applicant Profile for details on how to strengthen your application.

Take the time to explore the campus descriptions and the local resources. Select a campus location based on personal preference and other influential factors affecting the site choice decision.

Complete the CASPA application.  Complete the supplemental application, where you will be able to select your first and second site preferences.

MEDEX students are expected to display professionalism appropriate to the development of their roles as PAs. MEDEX looks for applicants who conduct themselves professionally, respectfully, and honestly during all communication with the program, within their applications, and during their interviews, who will bring those strengths with them to the classroom.