Now Offering Improved Diagnostic Sensitivity for Bacteria

In an effort to best serve our patients, we have recently improved and re-validated our Bacterial Detection by PCR assay. We are pleased to report that these changes have increased the diagnostic sensitivity of our assay by a factor of 10 to 100, varying based on the organism that is present (Figure 1). We expect that these improvements will provide greater diagnostic yields, and will increase the rate of successful molecular diagnoses that we are able to achieve.

We now offer this enhanced assay as standard practice, so that all ordered tests for Bacterial Detection by PCR will automatically benefit from these technical advances.

Figure 1. Improved Sensitivity of Bacterial PCR assay. Bands indicate the yield of PCR product using 10-fold serial dilutions of bacterial genomes (represented by blue triangles, showing decreasing amounts of template) as amplification template. Genome templates were amplified using our standard (top) and improved (bottom) Bacterial PCR assays. PCR band intensity is proportional to the yield of product. Red arrows indicate increased sensitivity provided by the new assay.