Direct Detection of Coccidioides DNA from Tissues

Lactophenol analine blue prep of Coccidioides immitis
Figure 1. Lactophenol analine blue prep of Coccidioides immitis

Coccidioides immitis is a pathogenic fungus that resides in the soil in certain parts of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. C. immitis and a closely related species Coccidioides posadasii, can cause a disease called coccidioidomycosis, and it is also a rare cause of meningitis, mostly in immunocompromised persons.

It has been declared a select agent by both the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is considered a biosafety level 3 pathogen.

Coccidioides PCR detects Coccidioides immitis/posadasii with higher specificity and sensitivity than the broad-range fungal PCR. The analytical sensitivity is 1 genome per PCR reaction.

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