Spinal Stimulation and Physical Therapy for Locomotion

Clinical Trial LE

Transcutaneous stimulation on lower extremity. Photo by Matt Hagen.

Transcutaneous electrical stimulation is a novel, non-invasive strategy to modulate spinal circuitry. The goal of this project is to develop translational applications of this non-invasive cervical and lumbar spinal stimulation with physical therapy for long-term improvement of walking and standing in people with spinal cord injury. We integrate body weight support treadmill system, other rehabilitation technology and intensive exercise into our approach to facilitate the locomotion restoration.

By evaluating functional mobility, voluntary control of muscle activity via electromyogram, kinematic parameters via 3D motion capture with this intervention, we are investigating the effect of spinal stimulation on motor control leading improvements of daily activities.

Study Contact
Soshi Samejima MS DPT
Graduate Student
Rehabilitation Sciences