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Kasten M. R., Sunshine M. D., Secrist E., Horner P. J., and Moritz C. T. (2013) Cervical intraspinal stimulation improves forelimb motor recovery after spinal contusion injury. Journal of Neural Engineering. 10(4):044001 [Pubmed] [Journal] Kasten et al (Moritz JNE 2013 Therapeutic ISMS)

Rios, D.C., Gilbertson, T., McCoy, S.W., Price, R., Gutman, K.F., Miller, K.E.F., Fechko, A., and Moritz, C. T. (2013) NeuroGame Therapy to improve wrist control in children with cerebral palsy: A case series. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. Published Online April 25, 2013 (doi:10.3109/17518423.2013.766818). [Pubmed] [Journal] [PDF]

Sunshine M. D., Cho F. S., Lockwood D. F., Fechko A. S., Kasten M. R., and Moritz C. T. (2013) Cervical intraspinal stimulation evokes robust forelimb movements before and after injury. Journal of Neural Engineering 10 (3): 036001. [Pubmed] [Journal] [PDF]

Kasten M. R., Sunshine M.D., and Moritz C. T. (2012). Cervical intraspinal microstimulation improves forelimb motor recovery after spinal contusion injury. International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (iFESS). [PDF]

Matlack, C., Moritz, C., and Chizeck, H. (2012) Applying Best Practices from Digital Control Systems to BMI Implementation. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society[Pubmed] [Journal] [PDF]

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van der Krogt, M. M., de Graaf, W. W., Farley, C. T., Moritz, C. T., Casius, R. L. J., Bobbert, M. F. (2009) Robust passive dynamics of the musculoskeletal system compensate for unexpected surface changes in human hopping. Journal of Applied Physiology 107(3), 801-8 [Pubmed] [Journal] [PDF]

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Invited Editorial

Moritz, C. T. (2009) A bounce in your step: some is good, more is not always better. Journal of Applied Physiology 107(3), 643-4 (Invited Editorial) [Pubmed] [Journal] [PDF]

Book Chapters

Widge, A. S., Moritz, C. T. & Matsuoka, Y. (2010) Direct Neural Control of Anatomically Correct Robotic Hands. Pages 105-119 In: (B+H)CI: The Human in Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Brain in Human-Computer Interaction. Editors: Tan DS, Nijholt A. Springer, New York.