Mountain Hydrology Research Group

Our research goals

At the Mountain Hydrology Research Lab, we work to understand spatial patterns of snow accumulation, snowmelt, and streamflow in complex terrain. We are interested particularly as they relate to changes in weather and climate. As scientists and Engineers we are always developing new ways to find and analyze important data. Citizen science plays an important role in the work that is done, if you are interested in helping please visit the Research page.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jessica Lundquist


Nicoleta Cristea

Research Scientist

Kehan Yang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Danny Hogan

Graduate Student

Steven Pestana

Graduate Student

Cassie Lumbrazo

Graduate Student

Hannah Besso

Graduate Student

Joe Ammatelli

Graduate Student

Ross Mower

Graduate Student

Eli Schwat

Graduate Student

Jori Carter

Undergraduate Student