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Single molecule analysis using Nanopores.

With Single-Molecule Picometer-Resolution Nanopore Tweezers (SPRNT), we can observe down to 40 picometer (that is 0.0000000004 meters!) enzyme dislacements on millisecond timescales.

Nanopore Sequencing

Having helped to establish Nanopore sequencing as a viable technology, as presented in multiple publications, we continue to push the technology's disruptive boundaries.

How it works: 1) DNA is pulled into the nanopore. 2) Nucleotides along the DNA change the current within MspA's constriction. 3) A motor enzyme (Phi29 DNAP) moves the DNA within the pore. It is that simple!

Example current readout

Above you can see the results of a SINGLE MOLECULE of DNA moving in 0.3 NANOMETER steps within MspA. How cool is that!?

Current steps in the raw data can be converted to enzyme position along the DNA

SPRNT can be used to resolve enzyme steps along DNA that are far smaller and faster than can be resolved with other single-moleucle techniques.

Who we are

Jens H. Gundlach

Jens started his career at UW studying nuclear physics before becoming a gravitational physicist. He stumbled upon nanopore sequencing in 2002 and so, with the assistance of his then-gravity student Tom Butler, our project was born.

Andrew Laszlo

Andrew joined the lab in the Spring of 2010 and graduated with his PhD in 2014 after providing the first working demonstrations of nanopore sequencing. He has since remained with the group as a post doc as an essential contributor to a myriad of projects.

Jonathan Craig

Since joining in 2012, Jon has gained his doctoral candidacy as he has focused on the insane sensing capability that SPRNT offers. His claims that he is 'no good' at chemistry have been proven wrong with his exceptional ability to deduce never-before-seen inner workings of individual enzymes.

Henry Brinkerhoff

Henry is a pre-doctoral candidate and has worked in our lab since 2011. Though touching every aspect of our research, his multifaceted skills are currently focusing on developing and using sequencing algorithms using MspA.

Matthew Noakes

Since joining the lab as a predoctoral candidate in 2014, Matt has used his steadfast analytical and experimental skills to push the boundaries of the SPRNT sensing technique.

Ian Nova

After first contributing to the lab in the fall of 2012 as technician, and then continuing as a member of the Molecular Engineering program at UW, Ian has leveraged his bioengineering skills to creatively explore molecular motors for use in sequencing and for basic knowledge.

Katherine Baker

While maintaining a solid course load, Katie has contributed her great curiosity, insights, and efforts to a number of projects.

Jonathan Mount

Joining in mid-2016, Jon has already proven to be an integral asset to the lab. With research experience in a variety of other areas he is en route to being an amazing technician within the lab.

Noah de Leeuw

After starting with the UW nanopore group as a dedicated undergraduate, since 2016 he has continued as a powerfully useful technician.

Hugh Higinbotham

Hugh is an award winning undergraduate student UW in the departments of physics and applied math. Hugh has contributed to many aspects of our research with tenacity.

Previous Members

Dr. Tom Butler, Dr. Mark Troll, Dr. Marcus Collins, Dr. Elizabeth Manrao, Dr. Brian Ross, Dr. Ian Derrington, Boyan Penkov, Max Sutlin, Merideth Brown, K. Aurelia Ball, Hannah Gelman, Risa Wong, Ryan Loney, Ian Silverman, Kate Mead, Jackie Blum, Markus Svet, Mats Frederickson, Andrew Malone, David Feldman, Nathaniel Gillgren, Matthew Hopper, Keiran Morrissett, Vikram Dhawan, Siripunt Vimolchalao, Graham Nayler, Jenny Mae Samson, Samuel Klebanoff, Kyle Langford, Joshua Bartlett, Ben Tickman, Kenji Doering

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Our publications

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