For SPM measurements a sharp probe tip is scanned across the surface using piezoelectrics. The response of the tip to the surface (change in height, frequency of oscillation, etc.) is used to generate a 3D image of the surface.

SPM Capabilities
-Contact Mode
-Friction Imaging
-Acoustic AC Mode / Phase Imaging (Agilent’s equivalent of Tapping Mode TM)
-Magnetic AC Mode (MAC) / Phase Imaging
-Pulsed Force Mode (PFM)
-Force Spectroscopy
-Force Distance Curves
-Amplitude Distance Curves
-When used in combination with XPS and ToF-SIMS we are able to verify any surface modification technique used in force spectroscopy experiments.

Veeco’s Dimension Icon-PT AFM:
-Nanoscope V controller
-XYZ closed-loop scan head
-90 x 90 µm scan range with 10 µm vertical range.
-Modes: contact, tapping, phase imaging, lateral force microscopy, force spectroscopy, force modulation, electric field microscopy, kelvin probe microscopy, magnetic force microscopy & piezoresponsive force microscopy.
-Peak force QNM with scanAsyst
-Fluid imaging with flow cell.
-Thermal tune cantilever calibration.