NESAC/BIO's UHV instruments are specially adapted to study biologically relevant systems including biomaterials, biomedical devices, and protein/DNA chips. Special capabilities are available on different instruments including cold stages for freeze-drying sensitive biological samples analyzed in UHV systems.

Types of samples analyzed by NESAC/BIO:
We can analyze conductors (metal substrate, slilcon wafer, etc.) or insulators (polymer (plastic) substrates, glass substrates) inorganic or organic samples, flat samples, odd shapes, meshes, hydrogels, to name only a few.

-SAMs on Gold
-Derivatized silicon wafers
-Plasma deposited polymers on a wide variety of surfaces
-Silicon wafer
-Metal substrates
-Proteins/peptides on various surfaces
-DNA on various substrates

Instrumentation at NESAC/BIO:
  Bullet   ESCA
  Bullet   ToF-SIMS
  Bullet   SPM
  Bullet   SFG


Other NESAC/BIO Capabilities:
  Bullet   Surface Plasmon Resonance
  Bullet   Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
  Bullet   Multivariant Analysis (MVA)