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Our focus areas

Nutrition and Obesity Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs are developed around topics identified by the Leadership Team as timely, interesting, informative, and relevant to the work of the team.

Current topics under consideration by the Leadership Team are:

  • Policy advocacy in a period of sharply reduced government funding
  • Challenges/lessons learned from local/state policy initiatives in specific areas (e.g., farm-to-school, built environment/zoning, school nutrition and physical activity standards)
  • Coordinating policy efforts with foundation-funded policy/systems change initiatives (e.g., Kellogg Food and Fitness Initiative)
  • How to effectively incorporate research findings into policy advocacy (case examples of successful efforts)
  • The relationships between state legislation and administrative decisions and local environmental change/policy efforts to make it easier to chose healthy foods in communities. What can we do at a state-level to facilitate healthy communities and how can local healthy community initiatives influence state-level improvements?
  • Opportunities for state-wide policy and environmental improvements provided by CPPW initiatives and adoption of MAPPS strategies
  • Building the case for nutrition and obesity policies as part of other policy agendas: what are the key messages that resonate with policy makers who care about agriculture, the environment, education, transportation, business, etc?