About Continuing Education/Outreach Program

Region X, which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, is among the most diverse in the nation. It covers the largest landmass and is sparsely inhabited by 11 million culturally, economically, and geographically diverse people. To effectively deliver courses in this challenging region, the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety uses a combination of open-enrollment courses in large population centers (Seattle and Spokane, WA, Portland, OR, Boise, ID, and Anchorage, AK) and alternative methods (video, e-learning and customized on-site training) to provide training in more remote areas. Using sound training methods, the Northwest Center offers an aggressive schedule of high-quality safety and health training programs and courses.

Additionally, the Northwest Center for Occupational Safety and Health has leveraged its ERC resources to expand offerings through liaisons with several additional training programs. In 1995, the Center was appointed the Region X OSHA Training Institute Education Center and added the authorized OSHA Training Institute (OTI) courses to its yearly schedule of classes. In 2003, the CE program began working with the UW International Scholars in Occupational & Environmental Health (ISOEH), to provide graduate level and CE programs in Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Additionally, in 2004, the Northwest Center became a member of the California-Arizona Consortium, a NIEHS Grantee, authorized to teach hazardous waste courses.

Course Offerings