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Radiology IT Help

For Help call:  (206) 543-7012

UW Red Square
Department Information Contact Numbers
  Radiology Portal
  Downtime Procedures
  Radiology Department Newsletter
Training Application Training Videos and Documents
HMC Resident Training
Change Control Appropriateness of Change Control
GE RIS RIS Preferences for PS360
  10.8.6 Update: For Radiologists
  10.8.6 Update: Order Queue Changes
GE RIS v10 Connection for Internet Explorer
  Internet Explorer Temp File Removal
  Indicator Icons

PACS-RIS Status Codes

Imagecast Cut & Paste fix
How to Print a QA Report for an Attending
GE RIS Protocols Tech Cheat Sheet
  Rad Cheat Sheet
Voice Recognition PS360
  Critical Results Reporting
  Nuance Power Mic Buttons
  Quick Reference Guides
  Custom Fields
  PR Voice Commands
    PR Preferences
    Sub-Specialty codes
    Speech Mike Pro - Custom Settings  (PDF file)
GE PACS Overview
  PACS 4.0.3 - New Features and Enhancements
  HMC PACS and AW Server Issue

Centricity 3.0 Workstation FAQ


Requesting a PACS account

Activating DragLock for the Middle Mouse Button in PACS
  Centricity Event Log Information
  Centricity Quick Reference Guide
  Centricity Web Training
  Centricity Web 3.0 - What's New
  Centricity Web FAQ
  Marking Significant Images PACS 3.04
  Merge Unspecified Exams
  PACS MINDscape Integration
  PACS Full Client vs Web Comparison Matrix
  Send Exam Error
  Un-rejecting PACS Images
GE AW Server Using AW Server
  AW Server Instructions for Home Use
OrthoView User Guide version 6
What's New in Version 6
  Quick Reference Guide Version 6
  Training Guide
Electronic Image Transfers Electronic Image Transfering
  Sites with Electronic Image Transfer to UW Medicine
  eMix Transfer Accounts
  Swedish Imaging Records Center-Image Request Form
  Teleradworks User Guide
Ace Message User Guide  (UWRADIT Only)
PTS PTS User Help
PTS New Users
PTS on Citrix
  PTS Help  (UWRADIT Only)
  PTS Printers
RadPeer Using RadPeer
Transcription Services

Transcriptionist Contacts

zVision Connect to zVision
  Using zVision

UWMC Diagnostic Radiology Protocol

UWMC CT Protocols
UWMC MR Protocols


Document Management Stops

Computer and Email Resources

  Troubleshooting RightFax
  Viewing PACS and Accessing Imagecast with a Mac
  Graphical Scheduling Error Fix

Outlook Email Error

Using RDP to Access Statler and Barry


Installing the VPN to Access Radiology

Radiology DNS and WINS settings
Configuring Exchange on an iPhone or iPod Touch
Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts
  RDP Keys


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