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EA Console
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Fileroom Whiteboard
Front Desk PACS Cube
Front Desk/File Room Docs
LifeIMAGE Cloud
Nuance Powershare
PACS Web-Enterprise
RIS-IC Imagecast
Universal Viewer(UV)
Workflow Manager(WFM)

Business Productivity

Business Objects
Clinical Toolkit
Learning Hub (LMS)
NW Help Desk Remedy NWH Citrix
Office 365 Email
SSL VPN (UW Medicine)
UW Medicine ITS Help Desk UW Workday
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Radiology IT Help

For Help call: (206) 543-7012

UW Red Square

Weather Forecast
Tips and Tricks
System Support (RADIT Only)
COVID-19 Information 2019 Novel Corovirus (nCoV) Response Program
  COVID-19 Self Assessment
  Outpost Schedule
  Guidance for Supervisors about Staff Who Test Positive for COVID-19
  COVID-19 Exposure Policy
Department Information Contact Numbers
  Radiology Links
  Downtime Procedures
  Radiology Department Newsletter
Remote Work Resources Remote Work Resources Information Page
Setting up Virtual Desktop (VDI/VM Ware/VM Horizon)
Connecting to Barry or Statler using Remote Desktop Connection (SSLVPN with Pulse Client)
Training Application Training Videos and Documents
Radiology Handbook (PDF File)
Vascular Songrapher Handbook
HMC Vascular Workflow in Radiant (video)
HMC Ultrasound Workflow in Radiant (video)
Change Control Appropriateness of Change Control
UW Med-Northwest Info PACS Sending Unspecified NWH exams to UW PACS
PACS - Merging Unspecified Exam(s)
PS360 - NWH US Sonographer Workflow
vRad Support and Workflow (Radiologists)
vRad Support and Workflow (Technologists)
Peer Review Breast Peer Review
Using RadPeer
Epic Job Aids Job Aids and Video Demos
Adding Radiology Imaging/PACS Link to Left Navigation Bar
PS360 Words to Watch Out For
PowerScribe Tips & Tricks
Nuance Power Mic Buttons
Quick Reference Guides
Custom Fields
GE RA1000 Overview
  Fix: Images not Displaying in PACS
  HMC PACS and AW Server Issue
  PACS Cine Preferences

Customizing PACS Hotkeys


Centricity Workstation FAQ


Requesting a PACS account

Activating DragLock for the Middle Mouse Button in PACS
  Centricity Event Log Information
  Centricity Quick Reference Guide
  Marking Significant Images PACS
  Exporting Images from PACS to a USB device (PDF file)
  Merge Unspecified Exams
  PACS MINDscape Integration
  Send Exam Error
  Un-Rejecting PACS Images
  Rejecting PACS Images
PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP) ZFP Guide - PowerPoint Presentation
  Launching PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP) from ORCA
  Launching PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP) from Epic
  Launching PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP) from Mindscape
  Cross Referencing Images in PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP)
  Viewing Comparison Images in PACS Web Enterprise (ZFP)
  ZFP Icons Cheat Sheet
GE AW Server Using AW Server
  AW Server Instructions for Home Use
  GE AW Training Videos
PACS Cube PACS Cube User Guide
PACS Cube Changing Passwords
OrthoView User Guide version 6
What's New in Version 6
  Quick Reference Guide Version 6
  Training Guide
Electronic Image Transfers Send Images to UW Medicine using LifeImage
  Sites with Electronic Image Transfer to UW Medicine
  Swedish Imaging Records Center - Image Request Form
  Teleradworks User Guide
LifeImage LifeImage Training
  LifeImage Troubleshooting: Images not downloading in LILA
Image Gallery VNA Intake Form (PDF format)
  VNA Intake Form (MS Word format)
PTS PTS User Help
PTS New Users
PTS on Citrix
  PTS Troubleshooting   ( RADIT Only )
  PTS Troubleshooting   ( RADIT Only )
  PTS On Purple Image PCs
  PTS Printers
RadPeer Using RadPeer
zVision Connect to zVision
  zVision User Guide (Uses UW NetID authentication. Type 'netid\' before UWNetID, e.g. netid\uwnetid)
Tech Protocols

UWMC Diagnostic Radiology Protocol

UWMC CT Protocols
UWMC MR Protocols
Downtime CT and MR Protocols
People Who we are

Organization Chart



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