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Frequently Asked Questions About the Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry

What is the Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry?

The Atlas is a comprehensive textbook of pediatric dentistry which is web based and distributed over the internet. It is the first comprehensive textbook of pediatric dentistry to be delivered over the internet.

What are the advantages of the Atlas over the traditional textbook?
The Atlas can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Access is not dependent on practitioners, office staff, students and faculty purchasing textbooks. All that is required is a subscription to the Atlas website.

The Atlas provides the most current information on the comprehensive range of topics in pediatric dentistry. Traditional textbooks generally are not updated frequently due to the high cost of reprinting the new editions. However, the Atlas can be easily and frequently updated on our server at no additional cost to the user.

The Atlas uses thousands of color clinical photographs and other graphics, along with radiographs, which are not feasible to include in conventional textbooks due to printing costs.

The Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry is in an atlas format to take advantage of this capacity. In fact, we trace the roots of the atlas format of the Atlas back to the classic text by John Davis, David Law, and Tom Lewis: An Atlas of Pedodontics.

Available as password protected internet access.