Medical School Interview Guidebook Available for Purchase

“Capture with Confidence: A Guide to Acing Medical School Interviews is a unique guide focused on providing medical school applicants with actionable tips on how to build and demonstrate confidence in order to shine in their interviews. This guide is a tool to be used in advising applicants on preparing for the unexpected. From the author’s experience of attending many medical school interviews and now as a medical student, she shares the lessons she learned from her own trials and errors. This guide does not contain interview questions you should practice nor what the author thinks are perfect responses. Rather, it will offer strategies, exercises, and advice to improve confidence about the interview process, and how to effectively prepare for medical school interviews. The author specifically shares advice on topics such as body language, appearance, etiquette, and virtual interviews.” 

Students who submit a screenshot verifying their purchase of the guide to will be entered in a lottery to win a free 45-min mock interview and 15-min feedback session with me. The email subject line should be titled “Mock Interview Lottery.” The deadline to participate is September 16th.  


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