Podiatry Career Profile #5

To continue on our series of “Career Profiles” on current podiatric surgical residents, this month we are featuring Dr. Danielle McKenna, a third-year resident in Ohio.

We hope you enjoy reading these career profiles. This is an opportunity for you to read the experiences of our residents and why they’ve chosen this outstanding medical career. Please feel free to pass this profile along to your students and advisees. However, we’ve created a list of these profiles on our APMA website, www.apma.org/careers, so feel free to share this link.

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Today’s Podiatrist: Danielle McKenna, DPM Happiness Is…Podiatric Medicine

Danielle McKenna, DPM, is a third-year podiatric medicine and surgery resident at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, OH. Like many of her fellow residents, she chose podiatric medicine because of the quality of life one can have, coupled with being able to perform surgery and practice medicine. “When I went on interviews for allopathic medical schools and podiatry schools, the biggest difference for me between those interviews was the overall level of personal happiness of the attending physicians. I liked how happy podiatric physicians were with their choice—for personal and professional reasons.” For Dr. McKenna, this difference was one of the many reasons why she chose podiatric medicine.

Dr. McKenna knew at a very young age that she had a passion for helping people who were sick. This passion grew when she visited a nursing home with her parents. “I would feel empathy towards the residents of the nursing home; my heart went out to those who were sick and needed help. This is when I knew I wanted to go into medicine.”

Another pivotal time came when Dr. McKenna had the opportunity to shadow a podiatric physician. “I shadowed Dr. Bruce Frankel from Marlboro, NJ. He was the first podiatric physician I had ever shadowed. I admired his experiences as a podiatric physician. I was also impressed by how happy and family-oriented he was.” Shadowing Dr. Frankel showed her how podiatric medicine allows you to be a surgeon but also have a strong office base. “He was one of the main reasons why I chose to pursue podiatric medicine.”

A graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. McKenna is nearing completion of her three-year podiatric medicine and surgery residency program. Dr. McKenna’s residency experiences have been challenging (in terms of hours and expectations) but great overall. “My most rewarding experience [has been] cultivating different relationships for different patients.” Dr. McKenna enjoys treating children, and ultimately, their parents as well. She also enjoys treating elderly patients as they are a fun and knowledgeable group to work with.

“In my residency, I’ve gained the appreciation and love for learning. It’s been instilled in me to have a life-long passion for evidence-based medicine, reading, and continuous learning.” Dr. McKenna realizes there is still so much to learn and understand long after her residency is over.

Dr. McKenna will soon be entering the “real world” and facing new challenges. “I’m toying with the idea of doing a fellowship or joining an established group practice,” she said. Whatever path Dr. McKenna chooses, the podiatric medical skills and knowledge she has acquired will undoubtedly lead her to a life of happiness.

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