Spring Quarter BIOL 106

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Dear Student,

Are you a freshman or sophomore interested in scientific research, teaching, health sciences, environmental issues, or other related fields? Are you interested in:

* Succeeding in the introductory biology series (BIOL 180, 200, 220) and other bioscience courses? * Learning to think like a scientist and exploring science culture? * Learning about research, scholarship, and training opportunities? * Receiving helpful input for planning your academic and professional pathways? * Joining a diverse community of UW biology students and mentors? * Receiving a free copy of Biological Science, the textbook used for the introductory biology series?

The UW-HHMI Biology Fellows Program provides freshmen and sophomores with opportunities to develop skills for success in the rigorous bioscience curriculum and biology-related career paths. Hallmarks of our program include its support for a diverse cohort of students and its strong emphasis on community. The program introduces Biology Fellows to exciting opportunities in science to help them make the most of their undergraduate experiences at the UW.

Students must be enrolled at the UW, must be planning to take but not have already enrolled in BIOL 180 (the first introductory biology course), and must have a strong enthusiasm for science. We especially encourage applications from freshmen and sophomores interested in scientific research, teaching, health sciences, environmental issues, or other related fields. We give priority to students who demonstrate a commitment to working with others toward a common goal.

Students selected to be Biology Fellows will participate in BIOL 106 (Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00-4:20 pm) during Spring Quarter. This course helps Biology Fellows define and develop skills for success as science students and introduces issues relevant for pursuing bioscience degrees and career paths.

The application process consists of completing an online application and mailing or delivering college transcripts to the UW-HHMI office.

*Applications will be accepted until spaces are filled, and spaces are limited.*

More information about the UW-HHMI Biology Fellows Program can be found on the attached pamphlet, and the application is available online:


We look forward to your application!

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