Volunteer Laboratory Assistant needed for Scharenberg Lab at Seattle Children’s Research Institute

The Scharenberg laboratory, located at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, is looking for a highly motivated, responsible, and detail-oriented individual to assist with basic laboratory upkeep. This position is ideal for a student who is interested in gaining basic research skills with the potential for learning more complex skills. Initial duties will include: monitoring/stocking laboratory supplies, media and plasmid preparation, and other basic tasks as necessary. With further experience, more sophisticated lab techniques will be taught such as: basic cloning, experimental design, and tissue culture.

Ideally we are looking for: 1) Start date ASAP. 2) A commitment of at least 2 hours per day 3) A candidate who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the biological/biochemical sciences.

Please send Cover Letter and current Resume to ryan.kuhar@seattlechildrens.org

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