Pre-Med/Informatics Job Opportunity

Hey AMSA members!

Thank you all for giving Dr. Myers from ScribeSTAT such a warm, UW welcome at our meeting this past Wednesday. Attached is the EMR Tutor position application and they are hiring now for the summer so make sure to apply within the next two weeks! For those who weren’t able to show up here is a quick recap.

ScribeSTAT is a scribe program in which students work with doctors and formulate medical charts for them. You are trained in medical terminology, HIPPA, EPIC while getting paid! It is a very strong time commitment, two 8-hour shifts a week for at least a year and is a lot of work. However, it gives you a valuable experience working in a hospital setting and meeting great doctors. More information at:

Along with being a scribe there is an additional position you can apply for which I alluded to above and that is the EMR tutor. On June 9th, all of Providence will be flipping the switch and initiate the use of electronic medical records using the program EPIC. This, however, means that all doctors will need training and assistance so the position will train you to become an EPIC superuser and your job will be to assist and teach the doctors around the hospital with the program. You will most likely be in the ED, the OR (operation room), the ICU (intensive care unit), etc as siting the physicians and other health professionals. This position is only for the summer and you can apply for both the scribe and EMR tutor position. Attached is only the EMR tutor position because they are currently looking for these positions now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks! Aera Shin University of Washington Incoming AMSA Executive President

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