Summer Mindfulness Meditation Offerings at Hall Health

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There will be two meditation groups offered at the Mental Health Clinic at Hall Health this summer:

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners will run for 7 weeks on Thursdays from 4-5:30, starting on June 28th. This group is intended for those interested in starting a meditation practice, no prior experience is necessary. Please see description below for more information about the benefits of mindfulness meditation. To enroll in this group, please schedule an initial visit with the group leader, Meghann Gerber, by calling the Mental Health Clinic at (206) 543-5030. Each session of the series is $52 but insurance can be billed if you have mental health coverage as part of your plan (you can check by calling your plan and asking about the coverage provided for CPT code 90853, which is billed as “group psychotherapy” by Hall Health).

The second group offered is Continuing Mindfulness Meditation is intended for those who have completed the beginning meditation series and are interested in continuing their practice in a group setting. This continuing group will be offered on Mondays from 11-12, starting on June 25th.

Mindfulness Meditation Do you struggle with repetitive, ruminative or self-critical thoughts? Are you undermined by an inability to concentrate or focus? Are you looking for a way to manage or cope with difficult emotions?

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that involves cultivating attention to the present moment in a nonjudgmental manner. Over time this practice creates an internal awareness that allows us to be with ourselves and others with a gentle, open attitude that is particularly helpful for disengaging from tendencies to criticize, ruminate, react or avoid.

The benefits of mindfulness meditation have been widely studied and there is substantial empirical evidence suggesting that regular practice is effective for: . Alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety . Increasing capacity for attention and concentration . Improving self-esteem . Enhancing resilience to stress

The beginning meditation course is designed to offer basic meditation skills to anyone interested in starting a practice. No prior knowledge or experience is required. Participants will be provided with materials, instruction and support for building and sustaining a meditation practice. There will be an at-home practice component that is essential for deriving maximum benefits from the course. Where: Mental Health Clinic at Hall Health Primary Care Center

When: Thursdays 4:00 to 5:30 starting June 28th Cost: $52 per session (if mental health is included in your insurance benefits you may be able to get coverage) If you would like to enroll, contact the Mental Health Clinic at (206) 543-5030. If you have questions about the course, e-mail or call group leader Meghann Gerber, Psy.D.: (206) 221-7941;


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