Public Health Genomics

Greetings from the School of Public Health.

Please share this great AUT 2012 course opportunity with your students as appropriate.

It’s a great introduction to Public Health Genetics, offers I&S / NW credit, and has no prerequisites.

This autumn, the Institute for Public Health Genetics is offering PHG300 – “Public Health Genomics: Implications for the Modern World” to all undergraduates. This course has a 3 credit (PHG300B SLN 22252) and a 5 credit (PHG300A SLN18395) option. Both 3 and 5 credit options includes lectures on MW 3:30-4:50. The 5 credit option also includes a discussion section and blog posting.

In this course we will introduce the field of public health genomics through examples of genetic, ethical, political, and social issues emerging in the wake of the Human Genome Project. Students will develop the skills to analyze and critique public health, clinical, personal, and social implications resulting from emerging genomic technologies.

Please email with questions.

Susan Inman, MSSW Program & Advising Manager Public Health Major University of Washington Health Sciences F-346B 206-221-4440 _______________________________________________

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