Georgetown/George Mason Special Master’s Program

New Program Announcement: MS in Biomedical Sciences, a “Special Master’s Program” offered by George Mason and Georgetown Universities

Dear Advisors:

Georgetown University Medical Center and George Mason University are pleased to announce the launch of a new joint “Special Master’s Program” (MS in Biomedical Sciences). This program is intended for students who wish to enhance their applications to medical school, and requires minimum GPA of 3.0 and MCAT score of 27 and completion of the usual prerequisite courses for acceptance. It is best suited for students with strong science backgrounds and MCAT scores acceptable to medical schools, in need of academic enhancement. It is a sister program of the Special Master’s Program at Georgetown, founded in 1975, which has a long history of successful preparation of students for medical school. The new “GeorgeSquared” program includes six medical school courses and several graduate courses in biomedical sciences, the latter with an emphasis on systems biology. The program will be taught by faculty of both Georgetown School of Medicine and George Mason University. We are expecting to recruit a relatively small cohort for the inaugural year, which beings in August, 2011, at the state-of-the-art Prince William Campus of George Mason University.

We will continue to offer the Advanced Biomedical Sciences Program, which is now in its first year. The ABS is specifically a science enhancement and admissions test preparation program for students preparing for health professions schools, most often medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine; the program includes test preparation for MCAT, DAT or GRE. Currently, we are training 51 students, a significant number of whom have already applied successfully for admission to medical and dental schools. Admission requirements include a 3.0 GPA and completion of the usual prerequisite courses for medical and dental school admission.

Both programs include the extensive advising and support exemplified by the Special Master’s Program at Georgetown.

Information about both programs can be accessed through the website:

Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2011 for both programs for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Thank you for your continued support of our programs.

With best wishes,

Donna Fox, PhD Director, Biomedical Science Programs

Adam Myers, PhD Associate Dean

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