UW AED Pre-med Spring Expo

——————————————————— Attention Pre-Meds! Our upcoming Pre-Med Expo is just around the corner! You are invited to attend AED’S BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR: The 2013 Pre-Med Expo on April 7th (Sunday) from 11:00am-3:00pm starting in Guggenheim 220. Workshops include: -Alternative to Medical Schools -TRUST scholars program -Bioethics -Interview Crash Course -Physicians Panel -Med Students Panel -Premed Advisers -Letters of Recommendation Info -Personal Statements Info **The first workshop at 11am will be led by the Associate Dean for Admissions, Dr. Carol Teitz. You won’t want to miss it!! There will be free food and snacks provided throughout the day!! Here is a link to the fb event: _https://www.facebook.com/events/147786302042513/_ This event is free for everyone and anyone to join so invite your friends to come along as well!

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