PreVet Volunteer Opportunity Abroad

Pre-Veterinary Students!

VIDA offers an amazing program that allows you as undergraduates to receive hands-on experience working alongside a Guatemalan Veterinarian and Veterinary Assistant while they perform Spay and Neuter surgeries to help reduce the pet population. You will learn how to perform a physical exam which includes taking temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, help the veterinary assistant prep the patient for surgery, and work with the Vet during the surgical procedure. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in the Veterinary field and need clinical experience.

VIDA is a non-profit humanitarian volunteer program that offers experiences to undergraduates, graduates, and professionals of medical, dental, and veterinary fields. This year, VIDA-UW is heading to Guatemala for a two week program that runs from August 31st through September 12th of Summer 2013. We are looking to fill a few more spots on the Veterinary Team and would love for you to join us!

If you want to research VIDA for yourself, you can head to their website:

If you have questions for VIDA-UW (the on campus VIDA club) or would like to apply for a spot on the team, please email us at

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