Biochem second qtr at Shoreline CC, summer qtr

Hello, If you see a student who has taken Bioc 405 but still needs 406, we would be grateful if you could let them know that Shoreline CC will have our second course in the biochem sequence this Summer Quarter. It is Chem 256 and transfers to UW as Bioc 406. CHEM 256 Introduction to Biochemistry Second of a two-quarter series surveying basic principles of biochemistry and molecular biology, emphasizing broad understanding of chemical events in living systems in terms of metabolism and structure-function relationships of biologically important molecules. Prerequisite: CHEM 255 with a 2.0 or higher or instructor permission. Mandatory decimal grading. Item3021 SecS1 3cr 09:00am-10:35am TTh Rm2920 Breithaupt, Registration for students new to Shoreline CC begins has begun. There is still time for students to apply to the college at . It takes only a few days to receive a student number and be ready for registration. Class starts on Tuesday June 25th. Tom Breithaupt is a great instructor who taught the class at Shoreline CC last year and has taught biochemistry in various settings, including first year medical school students. Thank you, Joyce Fagel, M.A.

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