Work-study job at Harborview

*Project ECHO (**EXTENSION FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH OUTCOMES)*** ** Work Study Position Available Now! GREAT OPPORTUNITY AT HARBORVIEW FOR STUDENTS INTERESTED IN PUBLIC HEALTH, NURSING, OR BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES This position will assist with information processing and management. Duties range from routine photocopying, electronic document conversion, scanning, faxing and filing to more complex tasks such as chart review, clinical data extraction, data entry into research databases, and advanced record management. Assignment of specific duties will vary with skill and commitment. Must be able to work independently and pro-actively prioritize work, communicate well with team members, and initiate action as required to meet deadlines. We’ll provide excellent work training as well as exposure to bio-behavioral research and telehealth training environments. Learn and observe steps that are needed to conduct research. Gain knowledge of specific disease processes, laboratory tests and radiological tests. Work in a team environment. Contact Pam Landinez at> See our official posting at

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