AED DISCOUNTS FOR UPCOMING MCAT COURSE!!!!–> There’s only 1 Mcat course TPR is offering for those who plan to take the test in January! **AED MEMBERS SAVE $150 (For associate members: this discount applies to members of last school year as well as the upcoming school year; and this discount applies to all national members) There is a TPR MCAT class that starts on September 22nd and goes until January 19th. classes are every Sunday morning (9-11:30,12-2:30) and Thursday Night (7-9:30 pm). Also, there’s a big break in December for winter break! It is a bit pricey even with the discount but I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TEST PREP and I do think it is worth it for the amount of resources they provide (all the TPR MCAT books, 19 full length practice test, practice passages/problems etc.) and they have very skilled teachers who are dedicated to making sure you are getting what you need from the classes (they hold office hours and are always willing to stay after class and help you to make sure you truly understand the material)!–> It has been very helpful towards my own prep for the MCAT and many others that I know have significantly improved their scores and have found TPR MCAT classes extremely beneficial!! Please email me if you have any questions about the TPR class or if you are interested in becoming an AED member this year! My email: ENROLL FOR YOUR MCAT COURSE HERE: FOR DISCOUNTS: contact the local TPR office to make sure you are receiving the correct discount! TPR phone #: 888-578-8378 x1030 TPR email: Unsubscribe:

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