AMSA Meeting 10/23 Savery 130 at 5:30pm

Thank you everyone who came out to the last meeting! Today (10/23), AMSA is honored to have Dr. Gail Van Norman come to speak about a variety of subjects pertinent to medicine, including anesthesiology, medical history, and bioethics. She will present several cases that simulate real-life situations, and will teach you how to analyze the issue at hand. Dr. Van Norman directs the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic and is an Anesthesiologist at the UW Medical Center. She is also an Adjunct Professor for the Department of Bioethics and Humanities at UW. INTERPRETATION: This is someone who you want to get to know. Whether you are a pre-med student who hasn’t yet been connected with a group of other pre-meds, or you are a full-blown AMSA member, we invite you to check out what AMSA has to offer (or keep participating in all of the opportunities!). If you identify with the former group, we encourage you to get connected by liking our Facebook page,, and by approaching an officer after the meeting tomorrow to chat about how to get involved. We don’t bite, promise. WHAT: American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Pre-Med club hosts Dr. Gail Van Norman WHEN: Wednesday, 10/23, at 5:30pm WHERE: Savery 130 As always, food will be provided!!

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