Near End of Quarter Notices

Greetings Premeds, I hope everyone is doing well as we all buckle down in preparation for finals. I have a few announcements as we near the end of the quarter. In preparation for next quarter, I would like to announce that AED General Meetings will be MOVED to *Mondays, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM . Room is To Be Announced*. Our first meeting will be Monday, January 13. (Of course, I will remind everyone once again when we resume in Winter Quarter). There has been a lot of inquiry on our Shadowing Program. For those who meet the requirements for the Shadowing Program (attended 3 general meetings, 1 philanthropy event, and 1 social event), you will be receiving an email with a catalyst survey to fill out in the beginning of Winter Break. You can check your attendance here: ( If you do not receive one by the end of winter break or have an outstanding circumstance for missing a required event, please contact Nik ( Further instructions will be provided in catalyst survey. AED’s Medical Student Mentor Program has filled up and is currently closed. We will potentially open it for next quarter and will announce if we do so. AED’s Officer Mentor Program is still open so if you are still interested in having an AED Officer Mentor, fill out the catalyst survey ( If you already have a mentor, there is no need to fill it out for the new quarter. I will send out another email closer to the end of finals week with a few other announcements. Until then, best of luck with finals everyone! – Jack Mo Webmaster, AED 2013-2014 Unsubscribe:

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