MEDIC t-shirts, hoodies and mugs, oh my!

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UPDATE::  You can now chose the color you’d like your MEDIC hooded sweatshirt to be from following:  Ash (light gray); Sport gray (dark gray) or Black
                   You can also chose the color you’d like your MEDIC v-neck shirt to be from following:  White or Black
                   (All apparel is unisex)

Please specify which size and color you’d like when you email me your order by Saturday, April 30th!!

Thank you,

MEDIC mug:  $6.00
MEDIC V-neck:  $13.00
MEDIC T-shirt:  $17.50
MEDIC Sweatshirt:  $38.50

Hello everyone!!

Want to sport the new, awesome MEDIC paraphernalia? Please take a look at the prices and various MEDIC gear that we will be ordering and let me know what you are going to get! We will bring in your MEDIC swag as soon as it arrives (mid-May). Please email me your order (and SIZE for shirts) by Saturday, April 30th!! Thank you! Jessica

Prices: MEDIC mug: $6.00 MEDIC V-neck: $13.00 MEDIC T-shirt: $17.50 MEDIC Sweatshirt: $38.50





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