Freshman seminar – Microbial World: Friend and Foe

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Microbial World: Friend and Foe Roger Bumgarner, Microbiology * GEN ST 197 SLN 20975 * M 3:00-3:50 * Location: K-350, Health Sciences building This freshman seminar course is focused on introducing students to a wide range of research and research topics in microbiology with an emphasis on how the research relates to their daily lives. Speakers are chosen specifically to cover topics that might be of interest to students such as bacterial biofuel production, HIV vaccines, food safety and bacterial and viral pathogens involved in aquaculture and the health of wild fish populations. Speakers will provide a brief discussion of how they became interested in science and how they wound up in their current position followed by a discussion of their current research. Prior to each seminar, students will be provided with one or more links to news articles related to the research topic. The seminars are, for the most part, informal and students are encouraged to ask questions of the speakers both during and after the presentation. Sarah Mears Academic Adviser Department of Microbiology K wing, Room 357A, Health Sciences (206) 543-2572 default iconATT00002.c

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