Medical Scribe (Interventional Pain Management)

The primary role of the Medical Scribe is to collaborate with the Interventional Pain Management physician in the documentation of each patient’s medical chart during his/her visit at the Office or Surgery Center. This well developed team member will ensure a smooth/flowing effective program and optimize patient care.

Applicants who are pre-medical students will have a unique and rare opportunity to work directly with a double board certified subspecialist physician on staff at three major Puget Sound hospitals. This will yield profound insight into the daily life of an attending subspecialist physician and the care of medical patients. Adequate performance will result in a letter of recommendation to medical school.

Ideally I’m looking for a pre-med student that wants to work with me for a year while applying to med school. These folks get great exposure and a strong letter of recommendation.

Visit for more information with the practice!

The hours and day of the week are my clinic schedule;

  • Tuesday 10-4 Bellevue
  • Wednesday Bellevue, 10-2 (every other Wednesday)
  • Friday 10-6 Bellevue
  • Saturday 10-5 Bellevue, possibly 10-5 Seattle on alternate Saturdays

To apply, please send your resume or CV to my clinic Manager Michelle Fitzpatrick at and current scribe Jessica at

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