UW School of Dentistry: 3 Full Time AmeriCorp Positions open for 2019-2020

The Office of Educational Partnerships and Diversity is looking for healthcare-motivated individuals to join our team for the 2019-2020

AmeriCorps member duties consist of:
 Recruiting health and pre-health students to participate in interprofessional clinical outreach activities that promote and sustain Access to Care projects.
 Leading groups of underrepresented high school and college students in exploring dental and medical related careers through hands-on workshops.
 Serving as a liaison with community members to facilitate interprofessional clinical outreach activities.
 Assisting with courses and outreach activities aimed to prepare students to serve in underserved and rural populations, particularly working with homeless individuals.
 Providing oral hygiene instruction and oral health information in a variety of settings.

3 full-time positions available for:
September 15, 2019 to July 31, 2020

Apply online at:

Accepting applications until July 31
or until positions are all filled

Early application is highly encouraged

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