Ramalab group photo September 2013

CJ is now famous

Mycobacteria Meeting January 2014

Ramalab Retreat 2013: Working Hard

Ramalab Retreat 2013: Chantrelle Mushroom Hunting, Go Cressida and Lalli!

Ramalab Retreat 2013: Paul and Russell cooking away

Ramalab Retreat 2013: Oyster shooters for James and Sachi

Ramalab Retreat 2013: Apples to Apples

Ramalab group photo January 2011

Happy Lalli

CJ working hard

David Tobin

Frances and Kristin always busy

Chao and his fish

Shane prepares his experiments

Ross at the scope

Francisco working at his bench

Kristin and her plates

Sachi is always busy

All the scopes are full.  Very busy lab.

Russell doing computer work.

James and his coffee

Adams Cell Paper Authors

John got socks!

Lalli and Paul


Tiffany's new hat

Russell's new style

Fran's blue tongue

Surprise Carlo

Ramalab is always very serious




"For a long time, burning questions have been, Why do people differ from each other in their susceptibility or resistance to TB, even when they have the same exposure? Why do those who do contract TB vary in the severity of their illness?"


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