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Preserving the UW's history and forging its future.

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Information for Students

Students, whether current, prospective, or former, are at the heart of the OUR.

Top resources for faculty and staff

  1. Online Grade Change Request New!
  2. Time Schedule Production Calendar - 2014-2015.
  3. DARS information
  4. Grade Submission Delegates

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Information for Faculty and Staff

A top-notch University requires top-notch faculty and staff, and the OUR strives to provide the tools they need.

Top resources for employers

  1. FERPA regulations structure what student info can be shared.
  2. Degree Validation
  3. Academic Falsification

Information for Employers

Students learn for the joy of discovery as well as practical reasons like preparing for employment. We've made it easy for employers to get the information they need to hire our students and graduates.

Information for the Community

The OUR serves the greater community as well as the University. We share information that is of use to those interested in what's happening on our campuses.