Office of Research

Limited Submissions

Grants, awards and fellowships that limit the number of applications coming from one institution.

If you have identified a limited submission opportunity that is not on this list, please contact so we can support your submission.


UW Internal
Opportunity Name Sponsor Funding Amount Announcement No.
06/26/2024 Macy Faculty Scholars Program Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation $250,000 2024
07/01/2024 Request for Proposals for Research Networking Events University of Washington AY24-25
07/17/2024 Science and Engineering / Medical Research W. M. Keck Foundation $1,000,000 2024
06/26/2024 100&Change MacArthur Foundation $100 2024
08/10/2024 Searle Scholars Program Kinship Foundation $300,000 2025
08/10/2024 Mathers Foundation Grant Program Mathers Foundation $750,000 2024 Fall Cycle
07/24/2024 Schmidt Science Polymaths Schmidt Futures Foundation $500,000 2025
07/17/2024 Beckman Young Investigator Program Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation $600,000 2025
07/30/2024 AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge Bezos Earth Fund $50,000 2024
07/10/2024 Implementation and Outcomes Research Washington's Cancer Research Endowment (CARE) Fund $1,500,000 2024
06/28/2024 Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Inclusion Challenge $200,000 2024
07/01/2024 FY25 Saltonstall-Kennedy Pre-Proposal Competition National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) $500,000 NOAA-NMFS-FHQ-2025-26840

Recently Closed Opportunities

UW Internal
Opportunity Name Sponsor Funding Amount Announcement No.
06/19/2024 NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards (DP5 Clinical Trial Optional) National Institutes of Health (NIH) $250,000 RFA-RM-24-005
06/19/2024 Scientific Ocean Drilling Coordination Office (SODCO) for the Division of Ocean Sciences National Science Foundation (NSF) $8,000,000 NSF 24-568
06/19/2024 Research Traineeship Institutional Partnership Pilot (NRT-IPP) Program National Science Foundation (NSF) $4,500,000 NSF 24-566
06/05/2024 Infrastructure Award & Fellowship Award St. Baldrick's Foundation $97,500 2025
06/05/2024 Creating Equitable Pathways to STEM Graduate Education Alfred P Sloan Foundation $500,000 2024
05/29/2024 Hazardous Materials Worker Health and Safety Training (U45 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) National Institutes of Health (NIH) $700,000 RFA-ES-24-001
05/17/2024 Medical Funds Program Seattle Foundation $40,000 2025
05/15/2024 NSF Regional Innovation Engines National Science Foundation (NSF) $15,000,000 NSF 24-565
05/08/2024 Enabling Partnerships to Increase Innovation Capacity (EPIIC) National Science Foundation (NSF) $400,000 NSF 23-625
05/08/2024 2024 Rising Star Faculty Award Program Intel $50,000 2024
05/01/2024 William T. Grant Scholars Program William T. Grant Foundation $350,000 2024
05/01/2024 Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust Grant Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust $25,000 2024
05/01/2024 NCAE-C in Cybersecurity Education Research Innovation 2024 National Security Agency (NSA) $2,500,000 NCAE-C-003-2024
05/01/2024 Scientific Innovations Award Brain Research Foundation $150,000 2025

The Review and Selection Process

For each limited submission opportunity, the Office of Research (OR) notifies, by e-mail listserv, Deans, Directors, Chairs and faculty of the opportunity details, deadlines and general directions and deadlines for internal submission of pre-proposals. Subscription to this listserv is open to all. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please email

After the OR internal deadline, pre-proposals that have been received are sent to members of the OR Limited Submissions Opportunity Review Committee.

In their efforts to choose pre-proposals that are most likely to be funded and have high impact, the Committee reviews each pre-proposal based on these criteria:

  1. Meets all eligibility requirements specified by the funding organization RFA
  2. Is scientifically and technically strong
  3. Promotes the greater University research mission

Many pre-proposals require a letter of support from the PI's nominator, Dean or Chair. This letter should address the above criteria, recognizing that the internal UW selection process is often highly competitive. Given the importance of the nominator's letter, we encourage nominators to consult resources on how to write strong letters, such as:

Some schools and colleges require that materials be routed through their office in advance of the UW deadline. Please check with your school or college administration to confirm.

Once the decision has been made on which pre-proposal(s) will go forward, all applicants are notified of the Committee's decision. Occasionally, the Committee may provide feedback and recommendations to successful candidates so that that the quality of the full proposal can be enhanced.

OR provides a limited submissions approval letter that must be attached to the applicant's eGC1 for the application to be considered by OSP.

Inquiries and Contact Information

For general inquiries, or to request a listing of a limited submission opportunity that is not already listed on this page, please email us at or call 206-616-9089.

In addition to the listings above, visit the UW Corporate and Foundation Relations webpage to find more information about selected foundation funders that the University of Washington has built relationships with over the years.