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Autumn 2012–
Winter 2013

Banner photos (left to right): Jackie Carter, Jeremy Monroe, Amanda Phillips, Jonathan Moore

Awards & Honors


Degree track and faculty advisers in parentheses.

Graduate Student Symposium Awards

Morgan Bond (Quinn), Best PhD Oral Presentation: Bust a gut! Phenotypic flexibility in a sometimes anadromous salmonid

Charlie Waters (Naish), Best MS Oral Presentation: Evaluating the effectiveness of managed migration to reduce adaptation to captivity in supportive breeding programs

Louisa Harding (Young), People’s Choice Oral Presentation: Effects of 17-alpha ethynylestradiol on the coho salmon pituitary transcriptome

Juliana Houghton (Van Blaricom), Best Poster Presentation: Do whales hear what we see at the surface? The relationship between vessel traffic and noise levels received by killer whales

Other Awards

Louisa Harding (Young) took third prize for Best Oral presentation at the 10th International Congress on the Biology of Fish, 15–19 July 2012, Madison, Wisconsin. Her presentation was titled, “Effects of ethynylestradiol on the coho salmon pituitary transcriptome.”

In Setember 2012, Emma Timmons-Schiffin (Roberts) won second place for Best Student Presentation at the Physiomar 12 Conference in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The title of her presentation was “The physiological response of Crassostrea gigas to CO2-induced ocean acidification.”

Dan Drinan (Naish) was awarded a tuition scholarship to attend the UW Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics 2012. The Institute’s program is hosted by the UW Department of Biostatistics.

Jonny Armstrong (Schindler) was awarded a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship. The award will fund Jonny’s postdoctoral research into the functional significance of intra-species biodiversity, and it will also provide opportunities for professional development by pairing Jonny with conservation practitioners.

Kate McPeek (VanBlaricom) received the Gilbert Pauley Award for the best presentation at the Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Annual Cooperator’s Meeting. Her talk was titled “Patterns of utilization of geoduck aquaculture plots by Pacific staghorn sculpin in Puget Sound, Washington.” Kate also netted the Best Student Paper award at the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Conference, held at Tulalip, Washington.

Kalyn MacIntyre (Mantua) was the recipient of a North Pacific Research Board Graduate Research Award. In addition to some support for tuition, the award is enabling Kalyn to pursue outreach projects as part of her MS thesis program.

Iris Kemp (Beauchamp) hooked a scholarship in 2012 from Anchor QEA. The award arose in part from a letter of recommendation from her employer, Long Live the Kings, where Iris works on the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project.

Last fall, Joe Bizzarro (Summers) was distinguished with a Letter of Commendation from the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) for his work with the Pacific Coast Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat Review Committee. PFMC Executive Director Don McIsaac (SAFS ’90) noted that Joe’s “willingness to expend tremendous time and energy has been very apparent, and his contributions have been vital to the overall effort.”


Ted Pietsch recently published the book, Trees of Life: A Visual History of Evolution, which has been ranked third in a list of top-ten history titles published this year and sixth in best science books of 2012. The book has also been featured on the Johns Hopkins University Press Blog as “A Science Book Success Story.”

André Punt was the winner of the 2012 Oscar Elton Sette Award from the American Fisheries Society for an outstanding marine fishery biologist. The award recognizes sustained excellence in marine fishery biology through research, teaching, administration, or a combination of the three.

Alaska Salmon Program Award

In 2012, the American Fisheries Society recognized the regional, national, and international accomplishments of the Alaska Salmon Program by naming it as the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Carl R. Sullivan Fisheries Conservation Award. For more information, see the feature article.