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Autumn 2012–
Winter 2013

Banner photos (left to right): Jackie Carter, Jeremy Monroe, Amanda Phillips, Jonathan Moore

Degrees Awarded, Autumn 2011-Summer 2012

Our student research encompasses numerous and diverse disciplines, including aquaculture, biology, ecology, disease, toxicology, genetics, statistics, and physiology—as well as interdisciplinary subjects—in pursuit of improving our understanding of the interactions between humans, our environment, and the resources upon which we rely. (Advising professors in parentheses.)

Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Alexandrea Kimiko Abe
  • Kimberly Ann Axberg
  • David Deforest Berman
  • Derek Lee Brady
  • Justin Redman Brown
  • Kevin Wayne Brown
  • Benjamin Joseph Burnett
  • Jeffrey Michael Caisman
  • Catherine Cordelia Carlile
  • Selina Kim Cho
  • Andrew Clark
  • David Michael Cox
  • Andrew Victor Davison
  • Bethany Anne Diehl
  • Audrey Felicia Djunaedi
  • Katherine Marie Dowell
  • Elizabeth Leeann Govas
  • Levi Rex Hay
  • Anne Franklin Johns
  • Keith Tatsuo Kamikawa
  • Miranda Joan Kyle
  • Ying-Ying Lin
  • Hannah Lorraine Linder, cum laude
  • Allison Elizabeth Linnell, SAFS departmental honors; cum laude
  • Jessica D McDaniel
  • Christopher Matthew Riso
  • Reed Kazuo Sakamoto
  • Jacqueline Kimberly Schwartzstein, SAFS departmental honors; cum laude
  • Arielle Marie Tonus Ellis
  • Francisco Castro Villagomez

Master of Science Degrees

  • Elene Dorfmeier (Friedman) The influence of elevated pCO2 on Vibrio tubiashii growth and Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) disease susceptibility
  • Lauren Kuehne (Olden) Direct and indirect effects of predation on juvenile Chinook salmon
  • David Metzger (Roberts) Characterizing the effects of ocean acidification on larval and juvenile Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum, using a transcriptomic approach
  • Shannon O’Brien (Gallucci) Examination of the ecological roles and genetic relationships of north Pacific sharks
  • Piper Schwenke (Hauser) History and extent of introgressive hybridization in Puget Sound rockfishes (Sebastes auriculatus, S. caurinus and S. maliger)
  • Erin Seghesio (Simenstad) The role of an intermittently closed, northern California estuary for the feeding ecology of juvenile steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
  • Caroline Storer (Roberts) Genetic and phenotypic diversity in sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka

Master of Science Degrees—continued

  • Samuel Urmy (Horne) Temporal variability and bio-physical coupling in the pelagic fauna of Monterey Bay
  • George Whitehouse (Essington) Modeling the eastern Chukchi Sea food web with a mass-balance approach
  • Daniel Widener (J. Anderson) Migration and bioenergetics of juvenile Snake River fall Chinook salmon

Doctoral Degrees

  • Steven Barbeaux (Horne) Scientific acoustic data from commercial fishing vessels: eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock (Theraga chalcogramma)
  • Charlotte Boyd (VanBlaricom, Punt) The predator’s dilemma: investigating the responses of seabirds to changes in the availability and distribution of small pelagic prey
  • Gavin Fay (Punt) Spatial modelling for monitoring and management of marine metapopulations
  • Jennifer Lam-Anh Gosselin (Anderson) Cumulative experiences and heterogeneity affect fish survival: examples from a model species (Poecilia reticulata) and salmonid species (Oncorhynchus spp.)
  • Nicolas Gutierrez (Hilborn) Managing invertebrate resources: interplay among biology, spatial structure and community-based governance
  • Eva Dusek Jennings (Simenstad) Toxic or not? Modeling Pseudo-nitzschia consumption and domoic acid cycling in Washington’s intertidal bivalves
  • Neala Kendall (Quinn) Fishery selection and Pacific salmon life histories: patterns and processes.
  • Eric Larson (Olden) Crayfish ecology, conservation, and invasions from regional to global scales
  • Jocelyn Lin (Hauser, Hilborn) Microevolution, local adaptation, and demography in wild populations of Pacific salmon
  • Carey McGilliard (Hilborn) Utility and implications of no-take marine reserves in fishery management strategies
  • Anthony Orr (VanBlaricom) Foraging ecology of immature California sea lions (Zalophus californianus)
  • Thomas Pool (Olden) Conservation biogeography of fish faunas in the lower Colorado River basin
  • Joshua Strange (Wissmar) Behavioral adaptations of Chinook salmon to adverse riverine conditions during their spawning migration in the Klamath River basin
  • James Thorson (Punt) Improved biological realism in the design and analysis of surveys
  • Pamela Woods (Quinn) Ecological diversity in the polymorphic fish Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)
Juvenile slamon

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