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Degrees Awarded, Autumn 2012-Summer 2013

Our student research encompasses numerous and diverse disciplines, including biology, ecology, fisheries management, disease, genetics, physiology, and statistics—as well as interdisciplinary subjects—in pursuit of improving our understanding of the interactions between humans, our environment, and the resources upon which we rely. (Advising professors in parentheses.)

Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Becherer, Kate Elizabeth
  • Chi, Bradley
  • Clark, Sydney Claire
  • Darmawan, Rizky
  • Dill, Kathryn Caroline
  • Ellsworth, Branden Albert
  • Fuchs, Nate Thomas
  • Hale, Jessica Rhian
  • Harmon, Brian Schell
  • Harper, Hannah Rebecca (SAFS/Environmental Science and Resource Management), cum laude
  • Hennessey, Shannon M, magna cum laude
  • Herlambang, Katrina Jane
  • Huang, Tiffany
  • Huang, Tzu-Chuan
  • Kinard, Sean Kelly
  • Kulesza, Katie Madison
  • Le, Lynda Hong-Van
  • Mayfield, Robyn Lanette
  • Newman, Elliot Lee
  • Nordstrom, Jessica Rose
  • Oyafuso, Zack Suriya, cum laude
  • Randall, Jessica Rae
  • Robbins, Ellie Christine
  • Soto, Kaitlin Alexandra
  • Wang, Anne Shouling

Master of Science Degrees

  • Blaud, Brianna Marie (VanBlaricom) Spatial and temporal patterns of fertilization in black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii Leach, 1814): analysis of surrogate gamete spawning experiments with application towards populations on San Nicolas Island, CA
  • Peterson, Daniel A (Hauser) Local adaptation, dispersal and gene flow in a metapopulation of sockeye salmon
  • Petrou, Eleni L (Seeb, L) Genetic differentiation of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in Alaska influenced by glacial history
  • Poljak, Dusanka (Punt) Impact of ocean acidification on recruitment and yield of Bristol Bay red king crab
  • Rohde, Jessica Anne (Quinn) Partial migration of Puget Sound coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) individual and population level patterns
  • Sadorus, Lauri Loraine (Mantua) Exploring the role of oceanographic features in the spatial distribution of Pacific halibut and other longline-caught fishes off the west coast from southern Oregon to Queen Charlotte Sound, British Columbia

Master of Science Degrees—continued

  • Sosik, Elizabeth (Simenstad) Isotopic evidence of microbial pathways in macroalgal detritus-based coastal food webs
  • Stachura, Megan Marie (Mantua/Hilborn) Environmental influences on North Pacific salmon abundance and marine fish recruitment
  • Thompson, Jamie Nicholas (Beauchamp) Influence of early life growth and precipitation zone on survival to adulthood in wild steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Skagit River basin, WA
  • Vert-Pre, Katyana Aurore Angie (Hilborn) Overfishing or environmental change: Establishing the frequency of changes in productivity of marine fish stocks

Doctoral Degrees

  • Armstrong, Jonathan B (Schindler) How fish cope in a world of feast and famine: behavioral and physiological adaptations to ecological heterogeneity
  • Bond, Morgan H (Quinn) Diversity in migration, habitat use, and growth of Dolly Varden char in Chignik Lakes, Alaska
  • Brieuc, Marine S (Naish) An evaluation of the role of adaptation in salmon evolution using genome based approaches
  • Galloway, Aaron W (Sebens) Trophic transfer of nearshore basal resources: interpreting fatty acid and stable isotope biomarkers
  • Griffiths, Jennifer Rhiannon (Schindler) Climate change and geomorphic evolution in an Alaskan watershed and implications for salmon production
  • Hicks, Allan C (Hilborn) The utility of catch-per-unit-effort when assessing and managing long-lived fish stocks
  • Howe, Emily Russell (Simenstad) Detrital shadows: evaluating landscape and species effects on detritus-based food web connectivity in Pacific Northwest estuaries
  • Lawrence, David J (Olden) Contemporary controls and future predictions of non-native smallmouth bass range expansion into salmon-rearing habitat
  • Timm, Raymond Karl II (Wissmar) Changes in fluvial habitat conditions across a disturbance continuum: implications for salmon restoration
  • Williams, Kresimir (Horne) Evaluation of midwater trawl selectivity and its influence on acoustic-based fish population surveys
Juvenile slamon

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