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Awards & Honors

SAFS students and faculty have once again racked up an impressive array and number of awards and honors this year. Many of these are granted based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership or service on and off campus, and commitment to the advancement of knowledge about our natural resources, the environments that support them, and how we should manage them to achieve societal goals.


College of the Environment Student Scholarship Awards

Del Rio Endowed Environmental Studies Scholarship

  • Burlyn Birkemeir, Freshman, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Nancy Wilcox Endowed Scholarship

  • Brandon Ringstad, Junior, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Lilia Bannister, Freshman, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship in Ocean & Fishery Sciences

  • Juliana Houghton, Graduate Student (VanBlaricom), Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Sewall Young, Graduate Student (J. Seeb), Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Nicola Follis, Senior, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Jennifer Gardner, Senior, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Anne Gower, Junior, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
  • Kalloway Page, incoming 2012 Freshman, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences; Oceanography

College of the Environment Graduate Dean’s Medalist

  • Mery Mims (Olden)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship

As was the case in 2011, several SAFS graduate students have been awarded NSF research fellowships for 2012:

  • Emily Davis (Schindler)
  • Laura Twardochleb (Olden)

Delta Science Fellowship

Emily Howe (Simenstad) was awarded a Delta Science Fellowship (California Sea Grant), which will provide her with a stipend, research support, and mentoring from academic and nonacademic experts to address priority issues for the San Francisco Bay-Delta. Emily's research focuses on studying whether and how marsh habitat loss has altered the base of the estuarine food web.

North Pacific Research Board Graduate Student Research Award

  • Kalyn MacIntyre (Mantua)

Faculty Merit Awards

BS Program

  • Brian Harmon (nominated by Quinn)
  • Allison Linnell (nominated by Branch, Pietsch and Schindler)

MS Program

  • Curry Cunningham (Quinn)

  • Louisa Harding (Young)

PhD Program

  • Morgan Bond (Quinn)
  • Charlotte Boyd (VanBlaricom, Punt)
  • James Thorson (Andre Punt)

The names of each recipient are inscribed on the Faculty Merit Award plaque that hangs on the wall opposite the SAFS Student Services Office (FSH 116) and listed online.

Bullitt Foundation Leadership Award

  • Katyana Vert-pre (Hilborn)

Conference Presentations

Carey McGilliard (Hilborn) was awarded the Best Student paper, Oral Presentation, at the 2012 Western Groundfish Conference, held in Seattle last February. Her talk focused on her PhD study, "Utility and implications of no-take marine reserves in fishery management strategies."

Amy Yahnke (Grue) tied for Best Student Poster Presentation at the 2012 UW Water Symposium hosted by the Center for Urban Waters (UW-Tacoma), Puget Sound Institute, and Washington Stormwater Center. The poster was titled "Amphibian Reproduction in Residential Stormwater Ponds: What's in it for the offspring?"

At the recent American Fisheries Society Restoration 2012 (Joint Annual Meeting, Washington–British Columbia chapters), Iris Kemp (Beauchamp) was awarded the Best AFS Student Oral Presentation and Morgan Bond (Quinn) was awarded an Honorable Mention.


Ray Timm (Wissmar) was one of just three Americans to be elected to the board of directors of the Freshwater Working Group of the Society of Conservation Biology.



SAFS Faculty Nets 2012 Eminent Ecologist Award

Bob Naiman is the recipient of the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) 2012 Eminent Ecologist Award. This award, the most prestigious granted by the ESA, recognizes a lifetime of distinguished accomplishment in ecology and the biological sciences.

SAFS Postdoc Recipient of ESA Award

Gordon Holtgrieve (UW SAFS '09) is the 2012 recipient of the Ecological Society of America's Gene E. Likens award for outstanding paper by an early career scientist. The award, granted through ESA's Biogeosciences Section was for Gordon's paper, "A Coherent Signature of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition to Remote Watersheds of the Northern Hemisphere."

College of the Environment Teaching Award

This year’s College Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award went to Chris Grue.